Edo residents react to invective on Captain Hosa by Obaseki, Lampoon Media Aides

Edo residents react to invective on Captain Hosa by Obaseki, Lampoon Media Aides.

It is story time once again and we intend to do a recap of the trending issues in the past week.

Of recent Edo residents have been bombarded with all kinds of invective on their illustrious son Captain Wells Idahosa Okunbo the attacks kept coming from proponents of Obaseki’s 4 + 4 media handlers.

When it all started it was a case of waking up in the morning and we hear tales of One Benin Billionaire….did this or did that. Of course, so many people kept wondering who is this Benin Billionaire they kept calling out and trying to malign.

It was just a matter of time for the bubble to burst after much smear attacks and brutal diatribe hauled at the Billionaire the masquerade finally unveiled itself.

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Obaseki’s directives were explicit the die is cast, Captain Hosa must support his reelection or face the consequences.

A look at the last paragraph of Obaseki’s letter to Captain Hosa said it all.

Edo residents are not finding it funny at all with Obaseki and his tantrums thrown at Captain Hosa, their reactions have been epic.

Here is a recap of the Gbas Gbos on Obaseki by prominent Edo citizens and influencers.

“Edo is descending into a state of anarchy and only one person must bear responsibility for this state of affairs, the man who is charged with the peace and security and welfare of the State who now stands in the place of Executive mischief-maker or as the French would put it, agent provocateur. Long live the people of Edo State. Long live, Nigeria.”

Michael Ovienmhada

“Obaseki how long would you fight the interest of the Edo Nation? You have consistently fought all your benefactors and the Beni race at large for reasons only known to you.

Must you give credence to the assertion that betrayal lies in your generational blood? Like the way, your grandfather betrayed the Palace?”

Osigwe Omo-Ikirodah.

“Why would the election to the office of Governor create such narcissism if not that the man at the centre of it is not fit to be Governor, or that he has been elevated, unfortunately, to his level of incompetence?”

Professor Edoba Omoregie.

“Please leave our illustrious son out from your Shenanigans and focus on how to deliver on the promises you made four years ago to the good people of Edo State.

Captain Idahosa as an individual has achieved way more than you can ever achieve even as an Executive Governor.”

Osigwe Omo-Ikirodah.

“Obaseki should focus on governance and his reelection and should desist forthwith from dragging further the hard-earned reputation of Captain Wells Idahosa to the mud.”

Niger Delta Youth Movement, NDYM

“As the election gets closer, Mr Governor should court the enviable path of peace, build more bridges of friendship and recall his social media merchants from disparaging the name of Edo sons and daughters who have contributed far more than him, even as a governor to the overall development of the state. A word is enough for the wise.”


“Sabotaging someone else does not make you absolutely better, Captain Hosa is not on the ballot box.

Obaseki should campaign with his performance and leave Captain Hosa out of his shenanigans.”

Oragbon Sidney Dominic.

Oh Ma Gudoo, it was gbas gbos all the way for Godwin Obaseki, what are your views? Was Obaseki right in attacking the personality of Captain Hosa Okunbo?

Osigwe Omo- Ikirodah writes in fro Benin City.

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Edo residents react to invective on Captain Hosa by Obaseki, Lampoon Media Aides Edo residents react to invective on Captain Hosa by Obaseki, Lampoon Media Aides Reviewed by Osigwe Omo-Ikirodah on July 28, 2020 Rating: 5

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