Oluwole Things: Edo Residents Mock Obaseki Over 4 Straight Blunders in 48 hrs(Opinion)

Oluwole Things: Edo Residents Mock Obaseki Over 4 Straight Blunders in 48 hrs(Opinion)

We always promise to intimate our followers on the nitty-gritty behind the September 19th Edo Governorship election.

The last 48 hrs has seen Obaseki’s PR  on a downward spiral.

Obaseki’s media handlers made four straight blunders, indeed the last 48 hrs has been gbas gbos for Obaseki.

According to internet users, Obaseki’s penchant for name dropping is legendary.

Obaseki’s HOURS of blunders.

The first storyline was Dangote endorses Obaseki for Edo 2020 Guber Polls.

When the news was agog PDP supporters were all over the cyberspace jubilating that Africa’s richest man Aliko Dangote is fully involved in project Obaseki.

Boom in no second the fully infuriated Dangote hit the main media stream denying any such assertion, his reaction was so embarrassing that the same media aides to Obaseki that concocted the story and shared it like they were distributing palliatives to the vulnerable shamelessly brought the story down and sponsored another narrative that the media handlers to the APC candidate, Pastor Osagie Ize-Iyamu was the brain behind the false story.

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They even changed the narrative to “of what essence is Dangote’s endorsement ?” same people celebrating hours earlier on his purported endorsement.

Next came another lie circulated by the over 1000 media aides to Obaseki that the Borno State Governor, Babagana Umara Zulum had dissociated himself from the APC campaign council.

No chill Zulum descended hard on the false statement.

Still, unrelenting Obaseki’s media handlers fired another salvo that the Kaduna State governor has pulled out of the APC campaign council.

See false statement below…

I can’t be part of a campaign Council meant to promote an EFCC Customer; this is against APC anti-corruption mantra”*

*~ El-Rufai*

El-Rufai has since denied making such an unfounded statement with harsh words.

Just yesterday Obaseki took delivering of two fire trucks from the Federal Government after the inability to stop the incessant fire incidence burning all the markets in Benin City.

Prior yesterday Edo State had no single fire truck in Benin City after series of failed promises by Obaseki that two trucks from Innoson would be delivered to the State in no time.

The fire trucks were delivered with fanfare while Obaseki was seen cutting a ribbon commissioning the trucks.

With half baked information his media handlers went to town celebrating another milestone achievement of Obaseki. They claimed Obaseki has responded to the cries of the traders and procured two trucks.

Anyway, the two trucks were delivered by the APC led Federal Government in solidarity to the plight market traders have been facing in the hands of Obaseki with frequent fire outbreaks in Benin City.

During the time of Obaseki’s predecessor fire trucks were stationed in the major axis of the State.

If the trucks were sold or simply left to deteriorate is a discussion for another day as Obaseki’s administration has totally abandoned all laudable projects initiated by his predecessors.

Recall last week, Obaseki’s media aides were all over claiming a purported court order was obtained allowing the state government to blare videos of Adams Oshiomhole throwing tantrums at the APC candidate Pastor Osagie Ize-Iyamu during 2016 campaigns for Obaseki’s election.

The false court story was orchestrated to misled the public into believing that the APC is troubled and desperate to stop them from DISPLAYING campaign videos.

The APC themselves have been circulating videos of PDP slamming Obaseki and calling him all sorts of names.

The latest is an embarrassing video where the Governor’s Brother, Pedro Obaseki was telling the electorates not to vote for Obaseki calling him a stranger and a betrayer.

“Oluwole things, certificate, NySC, endorsement,all Oluwole. .well done sir” that was how a respondent summed the series of blunders.

The battle of wits is on but for this week it was gbas gbos all the way for Obaseki and PDP.

Osigwe Omo-Ikirodah writes in from Benin City.

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