EDO: Government House Aide In Soup Over Obaseki’s Alleged 1.5 Billion Largesse To Spiritualist And Marabouts

EDO: Government House Aide In Soup Over Obaseki’s Alleged 1.5 billion Largesse To Spiritualist And Marabouts

Yesterday the media was abuzz with a scandal involving Obaseki and some spiritualist in the State.

A group the Alliance for Youth Awareness, AYA further raised a warning that Obaseki was in the process of seeking spiritual interpretation in the forthcoming September 19th Governorship election through the unorthodox way.

They alleged Obaseki is set to charm bean cakes known in the local parlance as AKARA to be distributed freely to the populace with the intention to manipulate the mindset of the electorate spiritually.

Late last night another group known as the Niger Delta Concerned Citizens for Good Governance (NDCCGC)released a press statement calling on the security agencies to look into a brewing scandal involving 1.5 Billion largesse to some spiritualist in the State to endorse Obaseki.

The group alleges an aide to Obaseki shortchanged the spiritual leaders in the distribution of the cash.

The accused aide was said to have removed 10 million Naira from each money delivered.

According to the group, 3 spiritual leaders who called Obaseki to express their gratitude made the disclosures which ultimately blew the lid off.

The group also warned Obaseki to tread with caution with his profligacy in spending  Tax Payers money.

The press statement was signed by one Mr Marcus Smith.

See part of the statement below…

“It is very funny that the Edo State Governor, Godwin Obaseki is no longer campaigning but instead he has retorted to consulting spiritualist and marabouts on the way forward.

Obaseki is at liberty to practice whatever religion he deems fit as an adult and we certainly have no iota of a query to that.

Our major concern right now is the profligacy in which Obaseki spends our state resources.

Information reaching us claims an aide to Obaseki is currently at warpath with the Governor over fresh 1.5 Billion largesse to these spiritualists.

He is accused of taking over 10 million each from the cash delivered to these spiritual heads.

We call on the relevant security agencies to take a closer look at this allegation and bring to light what transpired.

Our collective patrimony should not be traded on frivolities and with agents of darkness.

Obaseki should retrace his steps and focus on delivering good governance to the good citizens of Edo State.”

Obaseki is accused to have gathered and imported lots of spiritualist,marabouts and traditional witches and wizards to intervene in his reelection bid.

The full statement of the unedited statement would be published in our next bulletin.

Osigwe Omo-Ikirodah writes in from Benin City.

Source iReporteronline.


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EDO: Government House Aide In Soup Over Obaseki’s Alleged 1.5 Billion Largesse To Spiritualist And Marabouts EDO: Government House Aide In Soup Over Obaseki’s Alleged 1.5 Billion Largesse To Spiritualist And Marabouts Reviewed by Osigwe Omo-Ikirodah on August 21, 2020 Rating: 5

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