Looking at his size, one would think that a beautiful cow is coming from Uzebu Quarters as they say in Benin. The man is full of noise with no substance. Even his posts on the social media are written by a certain Mr. White. Here is a man who spent eight (8) wasted years in the Senate as a Senator. No one ever remembers him for anything. In 2007, he got a default nomination to fly the flag of PDP in the Senatorial election only because the urbane Senator Daisy Danjuma pulled out of the primaries a day to the conduct of same.

In the cause of campaigning for that election, it was revealed that Uzamere was a mere draughtsman contrary to the self proclaimed title of an Architect which he mouthed around. Many were shocked about this revelation as the man was so loud about a professional status that turned out to be totally false. In his typical shamelessness, he accused Senator Danjuma of running him down and said unprintable things about the Senator. In truth, no one ran him down. He is a quack who returned from the United States with a mere certificate in draughtsmanship.

Uzamere could not fund his campaign in 2007. His slogan then was that he had his money trapped due to the non payments of contracts that were awarded to him in Bayelsa State. He was a huge burden to the party and candidates who were seeking other offices. Soon, every one was familiar with his antics. He tricked the party into giving him a ticket. He was as broke as a blown out fuse, but the party was stuck with him. The late Chief Anenih and other leaders had to rescue the worthless candidate in the interest of the party. Without Chief Anenih, the loud mouthed man would have wasted the Senatorial slot of the PDP which he obtained under pretence.

Once his fruitless tenure was nearing its end and everyone had found him out to be full of hot air, he knew that PDP was not ready to take another gamble on him. He came up with another crooked plot.

He rushed to Oshiomhole to kneel down and beg him to save his short political career. He told Oshiomhole that Chief Anenih of blessed memory had vowed that he would not be re-elected to the Senate for helping to clear Edo State nominees for NDDC. Oshiomhole was shocked that anyone could be so punished for supporting his State. What Oshiomhole did not know was that Uzamere had collected huge sums of money from late Chief Anenih to support certain candidates for the NDDC office. Typical of Uzamere, he turned around to betray the old man.

Oshiomhole innocently believed him and gave him safe passage by offering him the ACN Senatorial ticket ahead of more qualified candidates. The empty shell returned to the Senate to complete the waste of a Senatorial mandate. He was junketing round the world and telling lies about his control of the Federal Government of Nigeria. To some, he was next to the President in ranking, while others believed that he was the Mr. Fix It of Nigeria. In reality, he was just a noisy official job man who used the post of a Senator to extort money from his victims.

It is not a surprise that he descended into quick oblivion once his tenure was over. An opportunist who likes to cling to well to do people, he quickly metamorphosed into a near aide-de- camp of one of Benin’s Business giants. He marked the Attendance Register on a daily basis in the residence of the Business man who footed his travel expenses and gave him frequent cash support as if he was impecunious or bankrupt.

The former ineffective Senator began to plan big as soon as it became clear that Governor Obaseki was not going to get the APC return ticket. He was running from pillar to post looking for who would assure Oshiomhole that he was a loyal person, unlike Obaseki. At a time, he campaigned that a certain Business mogul of Benin extraction should be allowed to nominate Obaseki’s successor. He was under the illusion that he would be such nominee on account of his supposed proximity to that fellow. What Uzamere did not know is that his incompetence is like the story of the tortoise that is a recurring decimal in most folk tales. Everyone one knows him as a waste pipe.

He soon found out that the Business mogul was not interested in politics, not to talk of pushing any nominee as a replacement candidate for Obaseki in APC. He began his shuttle to Oshomhole’s house. He met a brick wall and started to scandalize the irrepressible Comrade as a man who hates Benin people. What he did not tell the public was that he was desperate to succeed Obaseki.

Seeing that APC was not prepared to replace one ingrate with another, he sneaked into Obaseki’s camp and began to insult Oshiomhole, his former benefactor to the delight of Obaseki and trust Obaseki, he received Uzamere with both hands. He was well rewarded. His son was made Chief Of Staff and his Mistress got the gift of SSA to Obaseki on Women Affairs.

By the time Obaseki finds out that he has a snake in his pocket, he would have been stung like a black mamba and no anti- venom immunoglobulin would be of any help. Such is the danger he toys with in the man called Ehigie Uzamere.

*Comrade Patrick Omorogbe is a rights’ activist and public commentator. He wrote this piece from Benin.

from iReporter Online

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