Frontline Sociocultural Leader Eulogies Engr. Osaro Odiase On His JP Award.

Service to God and humanity – man’s ultimate purpose of existence:

Being the title of an address delivered by Aiyamenkhue Edokpolo fcdm – Chairman, Interim Management Committee of the Edo Forum of Patriots Inc., and Chairman, Edo State chapter – South East & South South Professionals of Nigeria, on the grand reception held to commemorate the conferment of Justice of Peace on Engr. Dr. Osaro Odiase FNSE, 10th September, 2020.
Distinguished chairman of this auspicious occasion, the chief celebrant and quintessential Oil and Gas Engineer – on whose behalf arsenals of public and private firms are here seated, exemplary personalities already seated in this cozy ambience, my Lords spiritual and temporal, ladies and gentlemen – I bring fraternal greetings from my temple of intrinsic and extrinsic administration of the good number of Intelligentsia organizations that I am privileged to superintend over, and I humbly crave your rapt attention, as I undertake an intellectual excursion into this herculean topicc.

As tough as the subject appears, the most worthwhile of all human adventures is the realization of one’s purpose on planet Earth; all religions scripturally lays this point of emphasis.

Although I am not an ordained Preacher in the strict sense of Christian ministration, however, I make bold as to say, that, when it comes to germane advocacies, some of us are exceptionally endowed in doing justice to issues of critical counseling that are anchored on frankness and astute audacity. Quite frankly,

I will digress at some point in fashioning some fundamental points, which are crucial to our multidisciplinary cohabitations, no matter how controversial they may be. Top of the day to one and all, and I wish us all a pleasant and very memorable ceremony.

In fairness to our very dear celebrant, whose fear of God underline every multinational business drive across the tens and hundreds of host communities that his oil and gas assignments entails, – it is incumbent on me to tailor this presentation from his choice of topic, and in a way, it reinforces my oratoral prowess for the reverence of God, especially on this conferment of the Justice of Peace elevation. I am further inspired to enjoin every one of us to double our service to God through meaningful impact in our communities of residence or business or both. Even though the Encyclopedia of the English language claimed that the book of Ecclesiastes was a pseudonym by a King of Jerusalem, and modern scholars vehemently disagreed that King Solomon was its actual author, the one of the 24 books of the Hebrew Bible of Christiandom chronicled quite a number of injunctions that reinforce our ultimate purpose as human beings. In chapter 12 vs 13 of the ESV declared – “The end of the matter, all has been heard. Fear God and keep his commandment, for this is the whole duty of man.” Similarly, the book of Micah 6:8 ESV further averred – He has told you, O man, what is good, and what does the Lord require of you but to do justice, and to love kindness, and to walk with your God. The book of Romans chapter 13:8 counseled us inter alia “Owe no one anything, except to love each other, for the one who loves another has fulfilled the law”. From the foregoing, God decreed in the holy Bible, for us to – above all things fear Him, and love our fellow beings. It is trite and unapologetically ironical – to claim we love God whom we can’t see with our naked eyes, and yet, do not love our fellow beings, most of whom are under-privileged, or we flagrantly disposes of their legitimate possessions or plagiarize their ideas, or they are sometimes victims of crass misappropriation of public resources – with us as drivers or co-drivers of the misdeed, how illogical we are most times. May God forgive and deliver us. Amen.

As we sit in this exquisite ambience today, and celebrating our friend – who has been called upon by the State Government to rekindle his service to humanity through Edo people and the general public, it is pertinent to reflect on our service to God and humanity. In fact, we cannot please God, if our major preoccupations are directly or indirectly antithetical to peace and love of those in the same socioeconomic and political habitats with us. So, for me, as celebrate with our friend on this auspicious occasion, this piece is a clarion call for us to do a sober reflection on our relationship with our God, vis a viz our fellow humans who mirror the image and likeness of God almighty.

The status of a Justice of Peace epitomizes the place of an honorary jury in peace and conflict resolutions within one’s given sphere of influence. While growing up in Benin City, the tile of a Justice of Peace was only bestowed on persons of exceptional characters – men and women who have extraordinary flair for community development, excellent character molding, philanthropy, ingenious business acumen, and astute loyalty for enduring values of our culture and heritage. Somewhere along the line, the State’s award got a seeming notorious politicization to the chagrin of intelligentsias – many of whom who shy away from the annual State ritual. I am pleased with your choice of honorary candidature for this special recognition, which again is a call for greater service to humanity.

By my prolific academic background as a political scientist, and by ditch of my social vocation as a politician, I can tell with a great degree of certainty – that, politics is about the most complex temple of public administration – where service to God and humanity is mostly sacrificed at the altar of inordinate expediencies. Since the beginning of Nigeria’s fourth republic in 1999, I have moved from the All Peoples Party (APP) to the Action Congress (AC) which later metamorphosed to todays All Progressives Congress, and I make bold as to say that – I am a proud member of the APC, and it goes without saying that I will do the biddings of my party as far as the forthcoming gubernatorial election is concerned. It takes an unbreakable resolve in reliance to God as one’s omnipotent source of upliftment – to resist the mundane pressurizations associated with the quest for ambitious elevation or recognition in Nigeria’s political sphere. It is in politics for instance, that, people plan coup to bringing down someone, for no reason, order than, the fellow’s astute commitment to healing the wounds of the masses. Critical to public service is the welfare of the people, and good leader must have a track record of compassion for empowerment of local industrialist or contractors, dispassionate evaluations of issues brought for his action, as well as critical political relation with potential stakeholders, as well as the masses. When this attribute (critical public relation) is lacking in a given leadership or government, you will find avid realignment between hitherto foot soldiers of the given administration pitching tent with a ‘cream’ of sub-elites seeking to democratically overthrow such an administration or government. A Government that does not put the empowerment of her people at the heart of projects conceptualization and implementation cannot be said to be well-meaning. An administration that lacks critical political relation can hardly relate with the sub-elites, who are naturally positioned to replace or displace any administration that takes for granted, a corresponding goodwill that flows as a benevolence and reciprocation curve.
As a honorary fellow of the Nigeria Institute of Public Diplomacy and Management (fcdm), I keep telling people who value informed counsels that – when an administration is unable to phantom the breeding factors behind the conflagration of political insurgents against it, it is incumbent to reach out to diplomats – who have the requisite training or the natural pedigree in public diplomacy – to understudy and recommend appropriate methodologies to cure the intricate defects underlining the class struggle. Again, a select committee of Justices of Peace can be enpaneled to understudy and advice accordingly. In is widely alleged in the global circles that, Nigeria has the best public administration templates on the surface, but, beneath the template lies the problematic skeletons of corruption and crass misappropriation of public resources. The main panacea to the plethora of politically induced cataclysms that bedevil our political economy, is, outspokenness by patriots – who bears the brunt of misrule and tyranny in any society. Iour people must learn to speak out, no matter whose ox is gored, and that way, we will be giving altruistic vents to our much avowed service to God and humanity. Therefore, we all should learn to speak out against clearly evaluated ills of society.

I thank you for your attention, and God bless you.

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Frontline Sociocultural Leader Eulogies Engr. Osaro Odiase On His JP Award. Frontline Sociocultural Leader Eulogies Engr. Osaro Odiase On His JP Award. Reviewed by Osigwe Omo-Ikirodah on September 12, 2020 Rating: 5

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