#EndSARS: Buhari’s Dwindling Popularity In Edo State And Matters Arising

#EndSARS: Buhari’s Dwindling Popularity In Edo State And Matters Arising

Today I can confidently say hell was let loose in Edo State as the youths practically took over the stage for the better part of the day.

Ever since the protest started in Edo State there has been high observance of decorum and orderliness by the protesters.

In short, it has been more of a carnival prior now. The cooking of Jollof rice, pepper soup and other delicacies was the norm at the previous protest with DJ’s playing to the admiration of the mammoth crowd protesting.

The highlight of the previous protest was the joining of forces of APC supporters and PDP adherents who were at loggerheads for the better part of the year due to the hotly contested Edo 2020 elections, they were seen together marching on in solidarity with #EndSARS protest.

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Today the youths practically came out not smiling at all, they went on a rampage of destruction across the City with no fewer than 5 police stations completely razed to the ground and armouries looted.

It was indeed scary, if you witnessed the protest today in Benin City then you would understand the hatred behind GODFATHERISM that was well marketed in the just concluded governorship election.

Today we covered a large area on foot across the metropolis the people were in unison that Buhari must go, you need to see the passion and anger in which everyone was repeating this statement Buhari must go. they uttered no other word than Buhari must go.

Every compound the people came out to their front yard shouting the slogan. It was so loud and it echoed from every direction.

The people not only resented Buhari but also directed their grievances to everyone that has a hand in the emergence of Buhari, it is unfortunate that Bola Tinubu is a major victim to this mindset.

As we speak do not mention Buhari in Edo state if you want to be respected in public it is that bad.

Matters Arising.

From observations, the youths might take a break from the protest and pull a retreat to regroup in a more monstrous way that the government may be helpless and give in to their demands.

Hoodlums hijacking the protest and discrediting the struggle is the major bane presently faced by the #EndSARS protesters, there is the need for a retreat for protesters to work up a better system to handle such hiccups in the near future.

Laughable as it sounds, the youths today have realized that the power lies within them and the fire to let it out is at the highest peak.

Let us keep our fingers crossed and see how all these turn out.

Osigwe Omo-Ikirodah

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