#EndSARS : Open Letter To Buhari: You Risk The Lives OF 60% Of The Elites If…

Open Letter To Buhari: Open Negotiations With The Youth Now

Dear President Muhammadu Buhari,

I write this open letter to you with the hope that you get to read it, I would have loved to have written you in private considering the content of this letter but the prevailing circumstances makes it inevitable to write my letter in the open.

I have watched with deepening concern the fast deterioration of the #EndSARS protest that has turned into guerrilla warfare between the masses and the security agencies.

Today’s protest across the Nation has shown that there is indeed the need for your Excellency to come out immediately and talk to your children to sheath their swords and allow negotiations to prevail.

Sir today we saw the burning of police stations across the Nation, we also saw the brutal killing of protesters by security agencies and most worrisome of all we saw security agencies providing cover for thugs to attack innocent protesters.

Your Excellency your silence is not golden and if you fail to reach out to these your children who are aggrieved about the total decay the Nation finds itself then it might be unfortunate that you are putting the life of 60% of the elites at risk in Nigeria.

These youths have shown resilience, they have shown doggedness, they have shown perseverance and they claim to be battle-ready to face the consequences of their actions.

The Federal Government has received a lot of suggestions in quelling this uprising so there is no need flogging the issue repeatedly.

Your Excellency, the people have seen that the police are helpless and can not even protect themselves from the rampaging protesters so they have remained resolute and have vowed to move on.

A counter-protest would only birth counter chaos and the people would be the only beneficiary of the mayhem it would result to.

Of what value is it to Nigerians to be experiencing two unruly protests simultaneously?

The last couple of days has seen the protesters attacking and burning down government facilities unabated.

This trend I fear your excellency would fester on if you refuse to meet with the youths.

Your Excellency the protesters would get to a stage whereby they would start an attack on perceived allies of the government, these would lead to catastrophic consequences.

These angered youths have no template to judge who is an ally of the government that has made illicit funds from the government.

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This would lead to mass destruction of private assets by these protesters.

The protesters would just invade a highbrow neighbourhood and start their destruction on every household and this would be the height of unfairness.

Some people have warned the youths about the story of the Libyans post-Gadafi era but they forgot to tell the youths that Gadafi blew up oil pipes and turned his tanks on civilians when the noose was tightened around him.

These youths on the streets would prefer to destroy all Government facilities their hands can lay on and prefer the country starts afresh, not only that they are likely to destroy the assets of civilians too and wish everyone starts life all over again on a clean slate.

Your Excellency Nigerians are appealing to you today to show your leadership to the world and most importantly to your Nigerian citizens by ensuring that you come out openly to calm these youths down.

For the sake of Nigerians, for the sake of Africa, for the sake of humanity please open negotiations to find a solution to this menace.

The World needs for you to be the statesman that you frequently have been in the past.


Osigwe Omo-Ikirodah.


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