I read with bewilderment, a Press Release by the spokesperson of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP Edo State, in which they attempted to make a condemnable and contemptible mileage out of the #EndSARS protest by Edo youths. Everyone except perhaps the PDP, is aware that the ongoing protests all over Nigeria is focused on structural and systemic reforms of the Police. It cuts across political Party lines.

For the PDP to say that the All Progressives Congress, APC hired thugs to attack the protesters is stretching the imagination to ridiculous and ludicrous lengths. The protesters are not made up solely and exclusively of PDP members, a credit which Mr. Chris Nehikhare desperately sought to claim.

And to make the Press Release even more dastardly and shameful, whilst the rest of us Nigerians are condemning police brutality, the PDP was urging and encouraging the Police to go after Edo citizens on a hunting spree, under the guise of fishing for thugs. Since the PDP claimed in its Press Release to know those who attacked the protesters, they owe a civic responsibility to identify the individuals involved. It is not enough to hang it on a phantom EPM of their imagination, whatever EPM means.

There should be limits to what issues are politicized. For there the honour lies. The rot in the Police was actually institutionalized and became something akin to a directive principle of state policy during the PDP years in government at the centre.

The Edo elections have been conducted, and only a sense of insecurity would make the PDP link the #EndSARS protests to the elections of 19th September, 2020. The PDP murdered sleep and is now haunted by their perfidious manipulations.

Chris Azebamwan
State Publicity Secretary,
APC, Edo State.
16th October, 2020

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