Nigerian Celebrities, Activist Key In As #EndSARS Births New World Order

Nigerian Celebrities, Activist Key In As #EndSARS Births New World Order

Its no longer showtime as Nigerians are on the verge of breaking loose. The past few days have seen the intensity of the populace towards the #EndSARS protest.

Even after the Federal Government swiftly disbanded the dreaded police unit, Nigerians are still not smiling.

The protest is spreading far and wide with everyone struggling to identify with the new “World Order” currently sweeping across Nigeria.

The people are tired and can’t wait to see a rebirth that will bring an abrupt end to the impunity, corruption, lack of leadership etc. currently faced by the people.

The excruciating pains are too much to bear and the people have resolved to protest the IMBALANCE in LIFE by crippling the country with nationwide protest.

The political Mafias on the other hand are faced with a looming uncertainty, distress and fear for the loss of political relevance post #EndSARS brouhaha.

These political Mafias that have led the country since the 1960s are a network of organized CRIME leaders that are active in a range of illicit acts such as corruption, mismanagement, nepotism, bad leadership etc.

Nigerians are saying there must be an end to everything wrong with Nigeria. From the bogus parliamentary pay of lawmakers up to the insecurity across the Nation, anything wrong must end failure to meet their demands then ALUTA CONTINUA.

It seems the people are winning the war against the political Mafias as a new balance of power is in the offing.

While these few political mafias who have held the country hostage are busy strategizing to remain relevant, celebrities and human rights activist have started positioning themselves to be the beneficiaries of the new World Order.

Posters of celebrities and human rights activist are flying everywhere in support of the presidential and governorship bid of these superstars.

Presidential posters of Falz, Davido, Sowore, Aisha Yesufu and so many other celebrities are currently trending.

In reality, now is the time to identify with the struggle like some female protesters said “na Man wey follow us protest na we go DATE o”

Nigerians have made it clear that only those that have identified with the #EndSARS project would be eligible for their votes and support in coming elections.

But when the salt loses its savour, it’s of no relevance. Are the political Mafias going into extinction?

Surely the next couple of weeks would throw more light on the direction of the NEW WORLD ORDER.

Osigwe Omo-Ikirodah writes in from Abuja.

Source iReporteronline.


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