Why The Fight Against Tinubu Would Be A Fight Against The Yoruba Nation And The Progressives

Why The Fight Against Tinubu Would Be A Fight Against The Yoruba Nation And The Progressives

The 2023 presidency seems set to start recording its casualties as the great race towards Aso Rock is already way on full throttle.

Act one scene 1 .. Edo done and dusted, Ondo in the offing, the northern conspiracy unveiled and even #BringbackJonathan suddenly on the front burner.

In fact, political pundits are set to start a great conversation, who wears the crown in 2023?

Powershift, zoning, acceptability and so many other consideration would make the fulcrum of the decision to be taken by the powers that matter.

The politicians have the platform to produce the candidates to be offered to the people as their choice so, in a nutshell, the bitter truth is the politicians make the presentations to the masses to choose from.

One man who has stood out and has become a recurring decimal in the permutations towards the 2023 Presidency is Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu the Jagaban of Nigerian politics.

Tinubu has made it clear that he’s only interest right now is seeing to the total success of the Buhari’s administration, but nobody wants to hear that, he has become a subject of ferocious attacks from all flanks, his party the APC and of-course the opposition PDP.

Why everybody come dey para para for Tinubu? The success of Buhari’s EMERGENCE is courtesy of the Jagaban.

So who dey give dem mind? Apologies to Davido.

Tinubu no doubt is a major factor that would shape the 2023 Presidency.

The Jagaban has built an enviable political profile for himself that the only office he can via for is the Presidency just the same way it is to Alhaji Atiku Abubarkar.

Now Jagaban’s own story is different and unique, his influence actually transcends the six Geo-political regions and he’s a major stakeholder in the current contraption called APC.

Let us take a peep at the only time Tinubu held sway as a political leader and compare him to any of his traducers whether within the South West, South-South, North East or any other Geo-political zone in Nigeria.

As Lagos State Governor Tinubu’s executive council was made up of the likes of Prof Osinbajo, Ogbeni Aregbesola, Fashola and so many other powerful personalities.

That shows the kind of influence he has been romancing from 1999 till date.

Mention any of his traducers from the South Pole to the North Pole and let’s do a comparative analysis.

In fact his contemporaries then(even till date) none of their executive council member’s name rings a bell NATIONALLY.

Already the scheming for the successor to Buhari has begun in earnest with different political blocs out to decapitate the Jagaban who serves as a rallying point to the Yoruba race.

Let them argue from now till tomorrow and thereafter let them state who in their heart of hearts they can mention as a rallying point for the Yoruba Nation?

As usual, the plan is to severe the head of Tinubu, scatter his ideals and followership and whittle down his influence.

The South-East has not always featured in the permutations towards the 2023 presidency because the region is not keen on the presidency, by default they would throw their support for PDP because of the stereotyped politics played in the East.

What political neophytes fail to understand is that when it comes to the presidency in any country across the globe what a region has to offer is normally the determinant for considering the region for the office of the President.

You must have what you are bringing to the table. The PDP is in full control of the South-South and its voting population in the South-South is always ahead of the South-East which by default is predominantly PDP.

The average South-Easterner would tell you he cares less about who becomes the President of Nigeria but would make it known to you that whoever PDP produces he would vote for.

From all indications, the PDP seems set to zone the presidency to the North with the South-South producing the vice-president.

The APC on the other hand is expected to conduct a convention that would produce a product of the South-Wet favoured for the office of the Commander-in-Chief.

So herein lies the northern conspiracy, power should remain in the North.

Take note the Power shit we have been practising from 1999 to date is between the North and South as two regions.

So once it comes to the South it is left for the 3 regions in the South to lay claim to it.

Power is presently in the North and expected to come back to the South.

Herein lies the #BringbackJonathan conspiracy. According to the Northern conspiracy if power can not be retained in the core North then let it go back to Jonathan who has an unfinished four years business at Aso Rock.

Jonathan’s candidacy would be another sure bet for the South-East as Ebele Jonathan would assure them of his loyalty to his South-East lineage.

Do not forget the sharing formula, power is shifting between the North and South.

A GEJ presidency is a sure return to the North after four years.

From the above analysis, you can now see why when push comes to shove the fight against Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu would not only be resisted by the Yoruba Nation but also by the progressives.

Edo State used to be a progressive State from the time of Ambrose Alli, tho its current status is uncertain.

Already political gladiators from the South-West have started speaking up in defence of Tinubu, according to former Ekiti State Governor, Ayo Fayose aka “Peter the rock” nobody should try and rubbish Tinubu as a SLIGHT on Tinubu is an affront to the Yoruba Nation.

If you listen carefully to Aremo Olusegun Osoba the former Ogun State Governor then you would further understand.

He said, “the national leader has however played a critical role in politics that does not only cross the entire Southwest but also played an immense part in the formation of APC and how the party won the central power in 2015 and 2019″

Then he concluded by saying…

“If the presidential ticket is zoned to the South in 2023 and call beckoned on Tinubu to run, I will support him.”

Underline the keyword zoned to the SOUTH.

My people power is zoned between the North and South.

Hear Obanikoro’s defence of Tinubu…

“Jagaban cannot be destroyed by a human being, Wallahi Tallahi, if it were possible, he shouldn’t have escaped human destruction in 2003, 2007, 2011, 2015 and even now…Indeed, he is a man whose face is the politics of Nigeria. Fighting him has made him more than what he would have been if I had peace with him. We may need more of him in Africa but One of him is enough for Lagos and Nigeria”

Definitely, the fight against Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu would be grand and expected to consume lots of causalities along the way.

Let us keep our fingers crossed and watch how all these play out in the coming weeks.

Osigwe Omo-Ikirodah writes in from Abuja.

Source iReporteronline.

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Why The Fight Against Tinubu Would Be A Fight Against The Yoruba Nation And The Progressives Why The Fight Against Tinubu Would Be A Fight Against The Yoruba Nation And The Progressives Reviewed by Osigwe Omo-Ikirodah on October 07, 2020 Rating: 5

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